Here’s the speedpaint by itself!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn a full version of Princess Luna..I feel like not enough people recognize how awesome her hair is? Nebula’s and stuff.

I did a speedpaint  as well! I guess I associate her with Lady Gaga. 

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I feel like I’ve grown a lot from recent events, for the better. 

I feel like I really trapped myself for a long time with mental games, with myself and others playing games with me, but it took one really bad incident to finally open my eyes. I don’t want to feel bad anymore and I’m making a change

My antlers are coming in

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A lil doodle I might use for my  personal blog vov

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I’m never letting myself feel like this again

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Ego’s hospital visits

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Redraw of this.

Die stupid alien cat 

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I think I’m ready to get my fucking heart crushed watch Rebellion today :’)

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Speedpaint commission for Tealbun on FA!! Really cute character that was fun to draw 

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